Custom made LED-luminaire Hochtief House Berlin


A step ahead with 100% LED-technology

Hochtief builds administration buildings to sell them afterwards. Trendsetting and energy-efficient buildings are the key factor to maintain the value of the object. Hochtief’s subsidiary in Berlin was the first office building in Europe to be equipped with 100% LED-technology. The DGNB awarded silver certification in 2012.

Already in 2010 Christof Fielstette (made by light – lichtplanung) designed a unique new luminaire together with Tobias Grau with direct and indirect LED-light providing high visual comfort.

Project: Hochtief Haus Berlin
Client: A.L.E.X – Bau GmbH
Architect: Bernd Albers – Prof. Dipl.Ing. Architekt BDA
Photos: Jörn Hustedt

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