Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Wiesbaden

Just light not luminaires

Today the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Wiesbaden is located in the former “Erbprinzenpalais” (Palace for the Heir to the Throne) of Wiesbaden.
We have complemented extensive renovations of this building with our lighting concepts during the past 10 years. From the beginning we have used almost invisible light fixtures, which fit perfectly with the classicist architecture of the palace.
The discreet illumination of the imposing columns and the dominant centre gable is an example of the gentle and tasteful usage of the lights. At the same time its maintenance becomes very easy and comfortable. The latest project in 2013 was the new three-storey glass cube in the inner courtyard, which is used as training and convention center.

Project: Industrie und Handelskammer (CCI) Wiesbaden
Client: Erbprinzenpalais & IHK-Bildungscampus
Architect: Schön & Rückoldt Architects, Wiesbaden
Custom-made luminaires: Arne Fiedler Lightsolutions
Photos: Mathias Klenke



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