Multipurpose Hall of the Friedenschule Schweinfurt


Dialogue of artificial and daylight

The new double sports hall of the Friedenschule Schweinfurt is thoughtfully unified with the former old school complex without dominating it. Even with its striking light and colour design, it presents a modest multifunctional hall, which is also used as a large and bright auditorium.

Our lighting concept follows the example of the plain architecture. Ceiling lights and LED light bands follow the symmetry of the building; artificial and daylight are well balanced. A daylight depending light control system ensures energy saving usage of lights.

Project: Auditorium and double sports hall of the Friedenschule Schweinfurt
Client: City of Schweinfurt
Architect: Urban development and municipal works service Schweinfurt
Electrical consultant: Ing.-Büro Bopp GmbH, Schweinfurt
Photos: Volker Martin






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