About us

We are a team of specialists with more than 15 years of professional experience in the planning of artificial and daylight for internationally renowned construction projects. We are trained in the fields of architecture and design and ensure expert advice and light planning in the following areas:

–  Artificial lighting design
–  Daylight planning
–  Masterplanning
–  Luminaire development

We provide support and advice from the first preliminary study through installation to completion, including site supervision. Working closely with our customer, we provide optimal lighting solutions at a high aesthetic level.

Light – The way we see it

Our planning and design of light includes natural daylight as much as artificial light. We consider light as a useful and integral part of architecture. A good lighting concept, as we understand it, fulfils both economical and ecological requirements and it will affect the experience of the viewer. Light is not only used for visual comfort, but also to produce specific moods; it may create a tense and dramatized or a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Photo: Christof Fielstette